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I'm looking for a pack I can use in the...

I'm looking for a pack I can use in the summer and the winter (skiing only in lift-served areas). Does this pack fit well for small females (5'2") as compared to a womens specific pack such as the Verve? Also how would you say the Karve compares to say the Verve (plus the osprey insulated delivery tube).


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What do you want the pack to function better for--skiing or mountain biking/hiking? Neither of these will function optimally for the sport it is not designed for. If you are leaning one direction or the other (you ski MUCH more than you mountain bike), go with that.

If you truly only get one pack for both sports, the Verve will function slightly better as a winter hydration pack--it is not as low profile and wide so it may not ride as stable--than the Karve as a mountain bike pack--it is wide and heavy so it will be hot to carry plus the hydration tube is in the shoulder strap so it will be more difficult to get to.