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I'm looking for a good bag that I can use...

I'm looking for a good bag that I can use to carry my laptop and college books around in. I also want a good day pack/2 day pack. would the miura 30 be good?

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This pack would certainly hold your laptop and a couple of books, but it's designed to be used as a technical pack. Unless you have a good protective sleeve for your laptop you wont have much protection for it.

For use as a daypack or a two day pack, it would work just fine. It does have a few features that are designed more for use by climbers such as the internal gear loops. You could use the straps on the outside for attaching a tent or sleeping pad if you needed.

I guess bottom line is, yes you can use this pack for both, but you might be better off getting a pack that will protect your laptop a little better.