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Im looking for a boot that works for winter...

Im looking for a boot that works for winter mountaineering in the lower 48 (Shasta, Rainier, etc). Are these boots overkill or just right?

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Overkill? No.
Could you get away with using less boot on these climbs? Probably, but that depends upon the demands of your feet.

It is wise to ask this question, but don't forget about socks. Most people fail to understand that socks play a critical role in the insulation and comfort of a boot. Something to consider: you may be able to get an "inferior" boot for less money, and supplement it with socks and liners. Obviously, you are still going to want a boot with some insulation and a waterproof barrier (GTX), just note that there are more affordable/versatile alternatives out there. This is not to say that the Spantik is a bad boot, just keep an open mind.