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I'm going to be in tropical Costa Rica in...

I'm going to be in tropical Costa Rica in 70 degree rainy weather. Will I be too hot in this? Thank you!

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Hi, when are you planning to go to Costa Rica and what places you plan to visit, beach, mountains, rain forest? Right now its the rainy season, and this jacket would be perfect for the rain forest, and also depends on what area you staying because its little cold at nights

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Hey, I work at the Backcountry Costa Rica office, so I think I can give you some hints from our weather.

Costa Rica's weather is sort of unpredictable. It can be a really sunny day and the next time you notice you will get some crazy rain... 30 minutes later a lot of sun again. But, depending on the kind of activities you are planning to do, this may or may not be a good fit:

If you head to the coast and are looking to visit the cool beaches, it will be pretty humid and warm (even when it rains) so you wont need it much.

If you are going more into a rain forest adventure, that may be something you want to carry mostly because you wanna stay dry during your hikes.

So if you provide some more details on your planned activities we can provide some other tips or gear suggestions if you like.

Also, don't forget to post some pics of you and your gear here :)

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I am volunteering to work on a farm near San Vito. My host suggested I have a rain jacket. I'll be there November, December and January for sure... maybe longer :)! I will be mountain biking to and from the finca.

Suggestions are very helpful. One of my main concerns is-- I hear it can be a little difficult camping- mainly in my mind with mold. I am thinking long term here and know I'll be investing in a tent (I'm going solo) at some point. Seems like now may just be the time.

~But yes, clothing? Can I do with cotton?

~I didn't find mosquito netting on Back Country...

Ah! I am greatful for your help! xo


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You must already know that San Vito is quite a humid place. Temperature last month was an average of 70 degrees and humidity is never lower than 95% and with almost no wind. Also, during that time it will be dry season in Costa Rica, which means it could get warmer.

That being said, I think this jacket will be a very good choice since rain is also normal in the area (and the ventilation it provides will help with with humidity). Even if it doesn't rain when you are there, there are amazing humid forests that you don't wanna miss... among other really nice natural attractions in the area!

Then make sure you get a pair of hiking pants, for example

Cotton is fine as long as it is thin. But I also recommend you consider getting with you some more breathable fabrics, like FlashDry (i.e. ) or cotton/polyester mix ( )

For your tent, you should consider something like this:

We also have some mosquito protection, like this one for example:

Those are just a few options. If you think you need more assistance, please write back and I will try to help you. Also remember you could use our gearheads (by chat or phone) if you would like to get more information from our products.

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Ok- what about footwear? I am bringing a pair of vibram five fingers, will be wearing boots on the farm and am hoping maybe to just find some slippers in Costa Rica. But I feel like I'm missing the main shoe. Thanks for your help!