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I'm debating between a 152 WWW Rocker and...

I'm debating between a 152 WWW Rocker and a 152 Ride Crush for my strictly park and urban shred stick. I already have a 155 Ride DH2 for my all mountain needs and a 161.5 T-Rice C2 Power Banana for my pow slayer. I'm basically looking for a pretty noodly board to press out on rails and boxes but also be functional on tables and hips and some limited all mountain use. What should I go with?
P.S. I wear a size 10 32 Lashed.

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WWW! you will find that you might just sell your DH2 and your T-Rice because this board slays it all

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I have the Crush this year, and I honestly wish I had the WWW,
if you wanna buy my 147 crush with lowrize message me though.
weight limit on my ride is 165