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I'm considering these mitts but I'm...

I'm considering these mitts but I'm hesitating between the men's and the women's version (color not being an issue); got a couple of questions:

- is the tether system (wrist strap) that's shown in the pics of the men's mitts also present on the women's version?
- fit wise, what's the difference between the two? (Has anyone ever tried on both versions in the same size?
- size wise, how baggy do they run? I'm between sizes, should I up- or downsize?
- what's the

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I can't comment much on the size, since I have only one size in the women's. But I can tell you that the women's does have the wrist strap.

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I have no experience with the men's gloves, but if I was in-between sizes, I would go up. The gloves fit well, and do not seem to be baggy at all. Quite the opposite.

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The women's is slimmer and seems to therefore fit me better. However, I ended up getting the men's XCR mitt because it doesn't come in women's-specific. If you do get the women's, try them on before ordering, if possible, because even though they're supposed to be just lower-volume, I found the women's mitt to be shorter in the finger length, too.