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I'm comparing this and the Millet Expert....

I'm comparing this and the Millet Expert. I need something that can handle Rainier this July. I'm also considering either Mt Washington NH or the Mountaineer's Route on Mt Whitney Next Feb.

How does the Chillwave and Expert compare in those conditions? Also, is either parka even adequate for the two winter objectives?

My last option is the MH Nilas, but I'd prefer a less expensive option, as I'd be getting a heavier expedition parka when it's finally time for the really big mountains

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I think that for Rainier in July, this jacket could be awfully warm, but that is more my opinion, and it sounds like you got your eye on some winter ascents anyways. Both jackets are pretty comparable in most categories although I think the Millet may take the cake. The expert is 700 fill down (compared to 650), Pertex with a DWR coating and it is almost a pound lighter than the Chillwave (not sure how concerned about weight you are though). PLUS its on sale right now if you are going for the XL. The Nilas is a great jacket much more suited to light alpine ascents than the Chillwave, but the price reflects that. I think that the Millet Expert is a good choice considering what you are looking for but I would suggest trying it on somewhere and making sure the fit is dialed in. Good luck!

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Thanks Carter!

I noticed there was only one Expert left in stock and grabbed it before it was gone.
My jackets and shells from various makers are all Large and they give me a comfortably snug fit when layered-up, so the XL parka won't be too loose over it all. (I'm 6'0, 210lbs, wide in shoulders.)

Thanks again! I would have missed out if you didn't inspire me to take a second look before it sold out