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I'm about 6 feet around 155-165 lbs. I...

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I'm about 6 feet around 155-165 lbs. I will be skiing plenty of powder and soft stuff but will also be skiing lots of all mountain stuff. 179 or 189???

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A couple of years ago people said purchase a ski length, which when you stand the ski tip up in front of you, it rises to between your chin and your eyebrows. Now the independent ski makers seem to lean toward the longer, more limited lengths of ski (eg. 178 and 188 only). You want a ski that is big enough to be stable at speed, hold a good edge, but not sacrifice maneuverability. Longer skis are generally faster and more stable when going fast. The short skis are somewhat more maneuverable--although with rocker skis that may not be the case--but some stability is sacrificed at higher speeds. All this being said: Purchase the 189s--you'll be happier.