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I'm a petite female looking for my first...

I'm a petite female looking for my first down bag after borrowing a friends' and loving it.
I swore I'd never camp again with temps under 25 degrees with my current bag.... would the ultralight be warm in temps down to 15? What temp bag should I actually be looking for? These temp ratings can be confusing!
I'm like a lot of women...cold feet, hands, cold everything....
I'm also interested in a bag that packs light and small..this thing goes with me on my bike, suitcase, and whatever couch I might be crashing on....
Thanks for any advice!

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If you cold take the warmes sleepingbag you can take.
The EN rating is what you lokking for. it said women r cold and need a warmer bags...dont go by the US raiting, you get cold
I hope it's help (:

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Disregard what Guy said--EN ratings are good for comparing different brands of bags but don't give you an accurate temperature that you'll be comfortable in.

Western bags are over filled and conservatively rated. I have slept in a 25degree Western sleeping bag in 25degree weather and I was perfectly warm and I get cold easily. The key is the amount of down put into the bag. Not only does Western use the highest quality European goose down they can get, they then put large amounts of it in the bags.

I'd trust the temperature rating with Western Mountaineering bags. The average person would be warm 5 degree below the rating, but if you are thinking you'll regularly experience below 20 degrees AND you run cold, I'd think about the Versalite for a couple ounces more. You could also get a sleeping bag liner that would boost the temp rating on the trips you think temps would be colder than 20.

Hope this helps...

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As far as EN ratings go- I have never, ever found any sleeping bags that have met of exceeded WM's in accuracy. WM has never let me down and cost me a single night's sleep because I was cold....the only problem is not wanting to get up in the morning.

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Western mountaineering bags are indeed conservatively rated. If you look at a UK site, you'll get the EN ratings (EN is required in europe I believe). Over in the EU the Ultralite is billed as a 16F bag rather than a 20F as in the States. I think they refrain from quoting the EN rating because they have built a decades long brand on their old conservative ratings and want to maintain reliability from year to year over marketing hype (even if it is in their favor).