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I'm a little confused by the size. What...

I'm a little confused by the size. What size would I order if I usually wear a 10? The sizing chart shows 43.2 as being equivalent to 10, but the options only include 43 or 43.5...

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Since you lie more or less exactly between a 43 & 43.5, it depends on how other similar shoes fit. When you say you "usually wear a 10", are you talking about other hiking shoes? If not, be aware that hiking shoes/boots fit differently than say running shoes because they're designed to be worn with slightly thicker socks. Thus, your best bet is probably to order both the 43 & 43.5 and compare the fits and see which fits better (& return the other pair).

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i wear a size 10 and i just ordered a size 44 which are too bog for my feet. so i will returning them for a 43.5 hope this helps.