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I'm a 5'11 170lbs fast/fluid/aggressive...

I'm a 5'11 170lbs fast/fluid/aggressive skier looking for a new daily driver "do everything but pow" ski. I have dedicated pow skis, so I'm looking for these to be able to do everything else (steep bumps, trees, booters, groomers, etc). I'm thinking of going 182 instead of 189 for the maneuverability factor, especially since these are a more traditionally cambered ski compared to a lot of other skis on the market today. Seems to me like the 189 would be a lot to handle in tight spots and bumps, would I be missing out by getting the 182?

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I am a little heavier than you and I ride the 189 exclusively at Alta and Snowbird. With the early rise in the tip and tail they are super nimble but at the same time super stable at high speeds. I would only go with the 182 if you were planning on spinning and weigth was a factor

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189 these dont run long like a k2 and you get a fatter waist. if you're good and you're 5'11'' go with the longer

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I'm your height and 10 lbs heavier and I love the 182. I almost never feel like I am outrunning the shorter ski. It's pretty stiff so I feel like I can still charge but the shorter ski is so easy to maneuver that I find myself playing much more than on a longer pair of skis. Both sizes have benefits but don't count the 182 out.

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I just bought a pair over the moment belefonte. Haven't been on them yet, not for a few mre days. Did I make the right choice or should I have gone with the belafonte