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Im 6ft 5, 200lb fairly advanced skier. I...

Im 6ft 5, 200lb fairly advanced skier. I fell in love with backcountry/big mountain skiing last season, and will be doing a ton of it this year. I am trying to decide between the Atomic Access 191, and the Czar 182 (I know this is a bit short, but I found a great deal on em. Plus I skied 184 Atomic Snoops last season and liked them fine). Would going with the 182 Czars just be too short? I dont plan on hucking any big cliffs, just want a solid playful pow ski.

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I think it will be a little short, but because it is standard camber underfoot with traditional tail it will be pretty stable just a little short in the tip. If you can find a 190 I think it would be perfect. The czar is very solid ski... wood core, a great big mountain ski,