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I'm 6'7" 220 lbs. I have never snowboarded...

I'm 6'7" 220 lbs. I have never snowboarded before in my life. Haven't even been to the slopes. My boot size is a 15. I figure I need a wider board, so my toes don't drag in the turns. Will this board be good enough? I figure a 164cm is a must, but how would this board do? Any other reccomendations, other than this one? I'm kind of on a budget, so price is an issue as well.


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I ride an 08 Burton bullet so I'm familiar with how the board rides. I have no experience with the new edges but it seems that they would be a new advantage this model has on the previous years. Since you have never been boarding before i highly recommend this board. I began on mine two years ago and within my first season i went from the blue runs on the local hill, to enjoying the pow on the double blacks in British Columbia. Go for it.