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I'm 6'2'' about 180lbs, but I fluctuate...

I'm 6'2'' about 180lbs, but I fluctuate from 170-190 depending on lifting.

I plan to use this board 75% of the time in the park and the other 25% flying around the hills and back trails.

Should I go with the 154 or 157?

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yo whats up corey. i go the 154 and i am 5'8" 160lbs and i feel that its perfect. if u wanted just for park and like jibbing id say 154. but if ur gonna hit big kickers and if ur gonna be doing everything else 25% of the time i would say 157 would be perfect for u. hope this helps bro

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Thanks amigo, went with the 157 w/ green Union Forces. So pumped.