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I'm 6'1". I noticed that for other tents...

I'm 6'1". I noticed that for other tents that are 90", reviewers report length problems. Would I fit comfortably in this tent?

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I don't get it when people complain about 90" long tents being too short. But with this being 81" and you being 73", in this case I would call that a little tight. For the price, I would tend to go up to a lighter weight and longer length 2-person tent for the luxury of the extra space and comfort. Hope this helps.

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I agree with Phil that 9" is about as tight as you want to get. Chances are good you'll be pushing the foot end onto the inside of the fly, hindering ventilation, and soaking up any condensation with your sleeping bag.

As far as a solo 2 person tent size... I don't make that choice even on river trips where weight isn't a serious concern. For one thing, a too-big tent won't keep you nearly as warm. I do all my backpacking in western high, dry climates and river trips in southern Utah. If I was going to be in Maine or the Olympic Peninsula, I might consider a larger shelter in case I got tent-bound for a day and also to help my clothes dry out at night.

Hope that helps.