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I'm 6'-1", 185lbs, and wear a 10.5 size...

I'm 6'-1", 185lbs, and wear a 10.5 size shoe. I've noticed that Ride suggest that rider weight be limited to 175lbs. I've also heard that the Machetes are slightly skinny and anything over size 10 is a stretch. This being said, I was looking at a 160cm Machete, but wondered if I should go with the wide or the regular (given my weight/shoe size). Which would be the best for me?

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Seeing as you are already at pretty much the limit for waist width, I would say go for the wide. BUT any foot under a size 11 should be fine on a deck with a waist width of 250, but that is kinda pushin it. Im 6' 165lbs, have size 12 feet and I ride a Rome machine 154w and the waist is around 260. Weight is obv a key factor in how your deck will handle and ride. Yes it might say that the limit is 175, but you are usually able to play within a 5 lb difference. The wide will have a little different feel, wider construction = different flext patterns. But to be on the safe side go for the wide. You probably wont feel much of a difference from going from a reg to wide. Its just a bit longer for edge transition(obv bec it will take you a split sec longer to turn over a wider deck). But if you ride a wide, you will be able to drop the length a bit for your weight. But when you rock a reverse camber or rocker tech, you are able to ride up to 5cm shorter than you reg lenght board. So if I was to pick up a rocker I could technically ride a 150, altho I wouldn't because I would still be afrair of snappin it. Hope this helps bro