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Im 5'8" and way 165lbs, fairly lean and...

Im 5'8" and way 165lbs, fairly lean and fall right smack in the middle of S and M on the sizing chart. The sizing chart on the CW-X website says it may be best to go up a size if one falls in the gray area. Based on reviews ive read some say go for the smaller tighter size as the tightness is part of what makes the tights so effective. Can anyone recommend a size in this case?

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Hi Nathan, I am 5'6"-150# and own a pair of smalls. They fit well for compression but are a little long. I'd say medium unless you want a really tight setup.

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Nathan, I do not own this exact product but I would agree with Sandy and order the Mediums.

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Nathan -
I'm 5'8, 160 and have been wearing the Mediums for several years. They still fit perfectly, and provide great support, so I wouldn't go smaller.