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I'm 5"8' 170 lb's, I'm looking for a pack...

I'm 5"8' 170 lb's, I'm looking for a pack with around a 24L volume. Do you think a large Kode 22 would fit me? Or would a small Kode 30 be better? I could live with a the Medium Kode 22 only if it was the best fit.

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Please go here to size your torso:

That can accurately answer your question since height only minimally correlates to torso size.

I would go with a Kode 30 if you have to go with a Small or Medium simply because of the rear-panel entry option available on that pack but not on the Kode 22. It is a great feature that you'll value even if you have to carry a slightly larger pack than you'd prefer...

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I was also wondering which is more important the size S,M,L or the Cu. In.? As I stated I have a preference but not sure how much of a difference a size larger or smaller makes? A smaller pack is what I'd like as I have 32L pack at home and looking for something that'll fit the quicky day pack range.