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I'm 5'11", 140lbs, (165 w pack), and a...

I'm 5'11", 140lbs, (165 w pack), and a moderate tele skier currently on Atomic RT 86s (183s). Looking for something that floats better and won't go as crazy in the turns. I suspect the Sidestash would work, but it would need to deal with wind crust and survive some boilerplate. Any recommendations between the 174s and 181s?

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If you are a moderate skiier at the moment it stands to reason you will becoming advanced soon enough. Based on your height and the fact that you are already skiing the Atomics in a 183cm length, I would go for the 181cm Sidestash. Great allround ski, but not a lightweight which may or may not be something you would want to keep in mind depending on which binding you plan on mounting onto it.