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If the belt is cut off, can the bag still...

If the belt is cut off, can the bag still attach nicely to the haul loop?

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not particularly, see when the webbing is gone all you have is the plastic ring, my best idea is a small biner through the plastic loop then the haul loop, but because of the angle the loop on the bag is at the bag will be turned in a weird way. the webbing runs through the loop parallel to your body whereas a carabiner would be perpendicular, making the bag turn sideways. so id say to just use the belt or be creative to keep that bag facing the right way, theres no shame with modifying some of your gear, just be careful if you want your warranty

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What you could also do, emi, is cinch up the belt loop so that you can clip in a regular biner to your haul loop, and loop through the new belt loop. Then, you could cut the excess nylon from the belt, and melt the frays so that you have a neat platform to play with, the haul loop and the new belt loop.