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If I wear a size 11 street shoe what size...

If I wear a size 11 street shoe what size of this shoe would I want to wear?

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In general, 5.10 runs the same size as your street shoe. I have the 5.10 Team, which is highly aggressive like these, and I wear the same size as my street shoe. They fit suuuper tight and take a while to get used to (aka wear them for more than 30 minutes). Go 11 if you can handle some pain, or go 11.5 if you dont mind sacrificing some precision for comfort

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I wear a 10.5 in street shoes and the size 10.5 5.10s did not even come close to fitting me. I am exchanging and going up a full size.

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I have a size 11 street shoe and for both these and the dragons I wear 11.5. Weird but it works!