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I'd like to hear some ladies' comments on...

I'd like to hear some ladies' comments on this pack. I have seen the Osprey Ariel and liked it. This pack sounds better as you can fit it more to your own shape. I need one pretty soon (have to say good bye to mine after 23 years :() and can't make up my mind. Can someone help me out? Thanks!

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I'm 5'6", 150 lbs and I LOVE this pack! I've been backpacking for years and this is definitley the most comfy pack I've had...the pivoting hip belt is awesome and the whole pack is a perfect fit for a woman's frame. Only downside I've found is it's a little narrower on the bottom and doesn't have a sleeping bag compartment so its a bit tough to stuff the bag in, but I had a men's North Face Badlands 65 before this so it's a big size change but way more comfy.