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I'am 5'8 and 150 pounds, with normal body...

I'am 5'8 and 150 pounds, with normal body shape. Should I get Small or Medium if I put a base layer and two fleece jackets underneath? Thx!

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I'd go for the medium.

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I'm 5'11" / 180lbs and I have size small Expedition Parka. Trust me, you would be swimming in size medium. If I were you, I would try to find XS.

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I am 6'3" and about 220 and wear an XL Expedition. It's perfect. I can't wear it below about -20 but when it's cold out, it is fantastic!

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im 5'11" 217lbs and a medium is slighty big. airp i dont think you could stand to wear this jacket with a base layer and 2 fleece jackets, you would sweat so much. i can wear this jacket in -10 F. WITH JUST A LONG SLEEVE T SHIRT UNDERNEATH AND BE VERY WARM. these jackets are the very best quality out of all the top brands, i have this and a cg lodge down hoody. there expensive but worth every penny. do not buy from an unauthorized dealer though due to fakes out there, ebay is the worst.

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sorry, small may be a little big, but will give you some room. extra small would probably be better for you.