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Moveslink (download software) and Movescount (web based software for analysis) are both compatible with Mac's with Intel processor, and running OSX 5 and higher (Leopard/Snow Leopard). The previous PC-based analysis software, Suunto Training Manager, was pretty good, and was stand alone, on your machine, not Suunto's servers. I liked it, but it was not natively compatible on Mac PPC or Intel - you have to boot up in windows and download to that partition or use a Win emulator/VM. Movescount is definitely a step down in data analysis, and is little more than a social networking site with ability to track your "progress," but not get the deep dive into the data that STraM provided. Suunto has discontinued support for for STraM and refuses to answer even basic questions about it on Movescount.com and their Facebook page. You can logon and check out Movescount without buying the watch. TrainingPeaks is also compatible with Suunto T6, and is web based, but much more data rich than Movescount. Unfortunately, for TrainingPeaks you must upload .sdf file, which can only be downloaded via (STraM), so Catch-22.