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I'm looking for a good glove to bike to...

I'm looking for a good glove to bike to work in. I'm a new transplant to Oregon, it's rainy and in the 30s-40s all winter, and my fingers get cold very easily. Would this glove be a good option? Does anyone have any better suggestions if it's not? I don't have a huge budget, but would be willing to pay up to $30-$40 if it means my hands are relatively dry and warm.

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If you easily get cold hands, i dont think these gloves would be warm enough. I if where you i would go for something like the TNF Montana, which is a good entry level glove that provides good warmth. I used mine for biking to school in 30 F too, and was good for the first 1½ mile, after that i got too warm, but i always give it hell when im on my bike. If you biking in a medium tempo, without too much exercise, the Montanas will be good down to the 20's, maybe even 0 if you buy them large enough for a power strech glove inside :)