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I wear a size 8 shoe, which is 38 1/2 in...

I wear a size 8 shoe, which is 38 1/2 in European sizes. Since these boots-as with most ski boots-are 38 or 39, should I size up or down?

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I wear a size 7.5 shoe. I have nordic boots that no longer fit me and they are a size 38. I think the 38 is a size 7. I have a pair of Salomon nordic boots that say 38 2/3 and they also say US 7! These boots fit me great. I'm able to wiggle my toes. You don't want a boot too tight around your toes or you could get frost bite. That has happened to me with boots that are too tight. You need to wiggle your toes. I just ordered a size 39 Alpina boot because I know the 38 will be too tight. Just some info. If you wear an 8, I would go with the 39; nothing smaller.