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I wear a 13-14 (US) men's mountaineering...

I wear a 13-14 (US) men's mountaineering boot. From what I can see Dynafit only goes up to 12.5 (US) men's, is that true? 13 (US) seems like a pretty common size. How do I get dynafits in larger sizes? I can't find any other ski boot that is as light as the TLT 5s.

I'm going to use these for ski mountaineering, and want the lightest setup possible. The Scarpa MAESTRALE does fit me (comes in the right size), but it's a good 2 pounds heavier per pair.

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Unfortunately a 30.5 (12.5 US) is the largest size this boot is made in. You won't be able to find this boot any larger.

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I've seen so many different mondo size conversion charts I'm not sure what to believe. They range from 30.5 = 12.5 to 13.5. I think I just need to find a shop that carries a 30.5 in the TLT 5s and try them. Maybe even get a slightly lower volume liner.

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In the US, the max size Dynafit brings in is a 30.0 (EU equivalent 46 or US 12-12.5).