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I was wondering about the fit of the jacket....

I was wondering about the fit of the jacket. I am 5'8" and very skinny (105 lbs.) I want the jacket to fit nicely for hiking and just a walk in the city. I am still growing so if it is a bit long it doesn't matter that much, but it needs to be slim enough. I do not want much sag in the back and I do not want the sides of the jacket to parachute. I was debating between a Small and a Medium. Also, what jacket is better, this one? Or the outdoor research Foray jacket. And how do their fits differ? Thanks.

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It may be tough to get a great fit in this coat for you. I am 5'10 165lb and I have a pretty atheletic build (skier/climber). The small fits me well in most dimensions. The medium is too billowy for me but the sleeves are pretty perfect. I chose to go with the small as I don't really intend to climb in this jacket so the long sleeves for overhead reaches wasn't really a concern. I think the Small will work for you base on height, but at your weight you will likely have too much volume in the torso regardless of what size you get.