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I was thinking about getting a weekend...

I was thinking about getting a weekend backpack and there is alot of rain where I live. I have narrowed between this backpack and Rei flash 65 backpack. Anyone have recommendation between the two, if so why? I was also wondering if the Northface Terra 60 is 100% waterproof? I'm only 5'4 so would this backpack fits me ok if I get a medium?

Thank you in advance everyone!!

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I haven't used the Flash 65 but the feature set looks comparable. I don't know what the REI warranty is, but North Face is lifetime. With regards to waterproofing, the Terra uses a coated nylon fabric, which is waterproof except for the seams- like most packs they aren't seam sealed. I personally don't carry any type of rain cover, and I can tell you from personal experience that it take quite a sustained rainfall to have to worry about any real amount of leakage through seams. If you keep your sleeping bag and clothes in stuff sacks in the pack, then even less to worry about.