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I was just wondering what the width is...

I was just wondering what the width is like on these boots? I'm sure Sandy has an answer.

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Hey ianp407406,

Thanks for the question. It is going to depend on the size, but the widths are as follows:

size-- width
23.5-- 95.3mm
24.5-- 97.6
25.5-- 99.9
26.5-- 102.2
27.5-- 104.5
28.5-- 106.8
29.5-- 109.7
30.5-- 111.4

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Alright, do you know of any similar boots that would possible be narrow in a 26.0?

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Please, can someone confirm last width for 28.5 boot ? Is it 106.8 as stated above ? That seems wide.

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I have a 27.5 and forefoot is good for my 103 with thin socks. Without cooking the mid and hind foot is very tight. After cooking and an insole it worked for me great last season. Amazingly light and stiff.