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I was interested in buying this bottle but...

I was interested in buying this bottle but was turned off by the need for the CR123 batteries. I have made the switch to rechargeable batteries and have a good setup for AA and AAA. Last thing I need is another battery type, especially one so expensive and not readily available. Camelback take note! I'll make the leap once you get away from needing 6 volts to run the UV light and can use rechargeable AA or AAA. Hey 3 AAA are 4.5 volts and almost the same size as 2 CR123s.

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I could have made it review but since I haven't purchased it, my comments wouldn't really qualify for that category and I would have been required to rate it with a number of stars. Then again, your answer isn't really an answer, but a comment with a question mark at the end. In any case, my intended comment is for the good people of Camelback and, while I own many of their products, I felt this particular one had a significant flaw.

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You actually charge All Clear through its USB port. It can be charged by virtually any (100-240V) USB compatible power source (laptops, wall and car chargers and solar chargers), which are all readily available to most people. You don't remove the batteries in order to charge them through a secondary device, in fact you never interact with them. Attempting to remove them will void the Lifetime Warranty too. The batteries are completely integrated into the cap. The batteries deliver 80+ cycles on a full charge (from a use perspective that's 3 bottles a day for 26 days).

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@ Dusty. Ok, I just watched the video you posted and it looks good. My issue is that, as a fly fisherman, some of the water in locations I fish run the risk of contaminated run off. So, even though this kills any living contaminants, it really doesn't remove harmful pesticides, herbicides, and other chemicals I don't want to drink. Even the pre-filter isn't rated for those contaminants. Still a good design. I have one of Camelback LED lids on my wide mouth Nalgene. Makes a good "ambience" tent light for those times my girlfriend isn't too tired. :)