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I want to use this binding with skis Line...

I want to use this binding with skis Line Prophet 100 ( also for ski touring. Got anyone experiences with this combination or what's your opinion?

Because I heard that with these skis at underfoot 100mm I can rip of the binding from the ski in some hard turns because they don't have titan blade in construction.
I'm 181cm tall and 92kg (203 lb) heavy.

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I haven't used that set up Line Prophet), but have seen guys bigger than you reef this bindings around hard, big drops, on fat heavy skis. They don't rip out, and I would bet if they do, your issue is with the lock of setting the epoxy right at the shop who drilled them, not the ski/binding.

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Thx .. I will ask on drilling in the shop how do they use epoxy . But I read also about pre-release of heel/toe unit while in downhill mode, is it so serious? Because I forgot to mention that with whole gear I will be about 110kg (242lbs) heavy, is it still ok with this set > boots Dynafit ZZeus TF-X or Titan Ultralight TF-X + radical FT + Line prophet 100.
I was thinking to reuse binding from old skis - Fritschi Freeride Plus but want to go in something lighter what will hold me in each situation as good as Fritschi

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The pre-release... Well I ski with a guy who weighs 200-220, and he has never had a problem, AS LONG AS he steps in with the toe, then picks the ski up to gently "wag" it back and forth, making sure the toe is set correctly. Also if you have issues with the toe pieces not making a full connection, remove ice from below the toe piece.

I ski ZZeus full time and love them, in and out of bounds, this year I am moving to the UL Titan. Sell the Fritchi's on ebay and never look back brother. Never get out of the BOAT!

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Phil, and what do you recommend me if 203lb heavy guy and I'm going into set of skis Line Prophet 100 + Marker Duke + Dynafit ZZeus TF-X or Titan Ultralight TF-X ... can't decide between these two boots =|