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I want to buy an ice axe for my son. He...

I want to buy an ice axe for my son. He is 5'9", 150 # and will use it for climbing. How do you decide which length to buy?

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Is he ice climbing? Because this is more of a mountaineering axe. Its usually used on steep ascents up mountains and such. I would reccomend the 55cm length. In my experience its more of a hassle to have a axe thats too short than too long.

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Agreed, perhaps even longer if you can better describe his intent of use. Time of year? Location? Duration? Purpose?

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Depends what the use is for - generally, error on the side of shorter. If he is going to use where there is a little climbing involved, go with a slightly more technical tool as the BD Venom. You can always double up for a more technical setup down the road.

Generally, there is not "set" size as body types differ - how you measure is boots on - it should be approximately the length between the tips of your fingers and the floor when standing with your arms at your sides - measured in centimeters. Some people like to test this with a stick cut to length before buying to make sure they are comfy with the length.

Remember too - there are options from Petzl that double as an adjustable "trekking pole" depending on use.