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I want one light weight boot that I can...

I want one light weight boot that I can teaching in and hike and skin with. My Nordica Speed Machine weighs 5.5lbs each and is 80/90 flex. I teach kids, take lots of training and more into the bumps and turning than a speed demon. Do you think the Dynafit Gaia will hold up for the resort? More important does anyone have any idea how it would compare flex wise with what I have. Love my current flex but weight is killing me. I have Baron's for back country so could use the alpine soles and use boots with all my skis (huge bonus).

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It sound like the flex would be similar to your Nordicas. The Gaia's traditional alpine-style overlap construction will feel great at the resort, plus it gives you the flexibility for your Baron's or you can use tech system bindings if you want to go lighter.