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I tried these on in the store, I did buy...

I tried these on in the store, I did buy the jacket, but the pants were a tad short, anyone else have this issue? im not tall. 5 11, and I tried a med. fit everywhere but the lenth

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keegs, I'm 5'11 also and haven't had any problem with the fit of the Large size. Unless they are hanging above your boot I woudn't worry. They are meant for mountaineering or ice climbing and are meant to fit snug or to the body fairly tight or form fitting. I'm using mine for skiing but I wanted them form fitting because I'm tired of almost crashing right in the middle of an important turn because my ski edge clamps down on my opposing leg. So, no I haven't had a problem with the length and if you know what these pants are meant for, you won't either.

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I'm 5'11" with 32" waist and a large fit me better.