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I stand about 6ft 0.5inch tall and weight...

I stand about 6ft 0.5inch tall and weight around 198 pounds. chest 42inch, waist 38inch, hip 41inch.

which size will fit me best? L or XL?

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The Eon are sized to fit close. A large would be a very close fitting shirt, if you like a bit looser fit, go XL. These do have a bit of stretch so the close fit doesn't mean it's constricting.

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If the stretch and size is similar to the rho LTW, I would say that medium is good for next to the skin 1st layer wear and large would be better for 2nd layer wear. I am 6' 6" with very similar measurements. You have a large waist, large shoulders, medium hips.The stretch would make the medium very wearable. I have 3 medium rho ltw's and 1 large