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Gear Question

I see its good for boxes and buttery stuff,...

I see its good for boxes and buttery stuff, but can it handle 50 foot jumps? I have a Rome that is super buttery and seems like it just has too much flex to handle landings of jumps. Im nervous to buy another board that would cause the same problem. Any ideas?

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It depends on the size you're shooting for... A bigger board will be stable on bigger jumps with this guy. Just remember that this board is totally reverse camber, so when hitting jumps of that size you really have to land square on both feet, or you're gonna wash out. I wouldn't take this off anything bigger than a 50 footer, and in all honesty, I would probably look into a different board for jumps. Consider the T.Rice, Attack Banana, or TRS boards, and if you're set on reverse, check out the Banana Magic as well.