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I recently purchased julbo explorer alti...

I recently purchased julbo explorer alti arc glasses which are not polarized, I want to use them for skiing.
I considered the cameleon lens which are polarized, however, my past experience with polarized lenses is that they dont work well on snow in sunny conditions as you cant see the terrain in detail well enough, any thoughts or experience would be welcome?

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If you are going to use them in the sun only, then I would say go with polarized... yes you sacrifice a little bit of terrain detail, but the ease on your eyes at the end of the day will be appreciated...

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Agreed, the polarization is really nice to have and you eyes will be happier at the end of the day.

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I have the spectron 4 lenses. I use them primarily for mountaineering. I like the versatility of this lense as it functions well in daytime sunlight as well as flat light, cloudy conditions where you still need eye protection and good clarity. I have not noticed a dramtic difference in not having the polarization. my 2 cents.