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I recently considered the bugs-away ziwa...

I recently considered the bugs-away ziwa pant, but the insecticide permethrin used in treating the pants bothered me, so I checked with the company that produces it, Insect Sheild. The rep told me that an EPA regulatory pesticide label was included with the tags on the pant, which says the bugs-away clothing should be washed separately. He said the EPA has allowed this treated clothing to be used by the military for some years but that Insect Shield had asked the EPA for permission to remove the pesticide label. The EPA agreed,so the pesticide warming was removed from clothing for the military,but not for civilians. The rep told me that stateside military personnel also wash bugs-away clothing with other clothing at home. Go figure. The difference for military personnel is probably based on need in combat scenarios, but how would it look if the label said, Okay for combat scenarios, but not in the states. I wonder if someone can shed light on this? Thanks! As I understand it the clothing should be washed separately because it sheds permethrin to other clothes.