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I really want the Burton Blunt 142 but I...

I really want the Burton Blunt 142 but I have people telling me I should get one thats 145. Last year was my first year snowboarding so I dont know the measurements or anything. Im 5'2 and about 100 pounds. Ill ride whatever I can. What should I stick with the 145 or go with the 142 I just dont want the 142 to be to small.

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well well well...based on your weight, I'd say you can go either route. The smaller the board, the easier it is to I'd say, being your second year out, I would go with the 42...longer boards are better for traction at higher speeds, but can be a bit harder to get around with.

Bottom line: I would rock the 42, easier to whip's only 3 centimeters...