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I purchased the med a while back and love...

I purchased the med a while back and love knowing my gear will stay dry. Maybe I'm doing something wrong but how do you keep the stupid things compressed? I have tried several different variations of stuffing, rolling the top, and using the valve to remove air. Usually only takes 15 min or so for the bag to "reinflate" itself, yes I tightened the valve all the way. What am I doing wrong?

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I don't think it's your fault Jdawg, in my experience and what I gather from other reviews, these bags seep.

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you can just wrap some Teflon around the threads of the valve. Get this at Home Depot or any hardware store. This should create a tighter seal to allow the valve to stay tight.

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Good idea Kris, I have had the same issue with seepage. Not a huge downer, but it would be nice if they stayed compressed longer.