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I own a sailboat and would like to create...

I own a sailboat and would like to create a climbing system to use on my mast. I have a line that will be stationary from the base to the top of the mast. What equipment would I need to create a safe system. By the way I am a novice. Can anyone help me?

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First off, I am assuming you mean you want to top your mast, and not just hang over for balast. So, you should pick up two of these, one right handed, and one left handed. You will also need a harness, two slings, or one sling and a foot loop. You will also need carabiners to attach those things to the Ascender.

Some people would leave it at that, and trust that the Ascender is enough to keep you in place at the top, and in all likely hood, it will. I think that most people would want some kind of other back up system at the top. What does the top of your mast look like, is there anything else to tie off to? What size boat is it?
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Personally, I would completely avoid using two handled ascenders. I highly recommend that you outfit yourself with a "frog" system. This will provide a high degree of safety. For more information check out the following link: