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I need a solar charger that is very flexible:...

I need a solar charger that is very flexible: charges many different items. I have a Nikon digital camera, handheld GPSs (boy do they suck down the juice!), cell phones, items that use CR123 batteries, along with the standard AA/AAA. Will this work and how do you hook up the different chargers? I don't want to have to buy 3 different units. Sure cell phones have car plugs; but, what about the CR 123, AA/AAA, and my lithium ion quick charger MH-23 for my camera?

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Buy a cigarette adapter that will reduce the voltage from 12 volts to adjustable 3-12 volts. Select the 3 volt setting, run 2 aa batteries in series and charge them at the same time. Do the same thing with the cr123 just match the power output to the voltage of the batteries so not to fry anything

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it gets cumbersome than charging the batteries directly but an inverter and normal power strip would work, plus you don't have to do all the electricity math. 26watts is great for device batteries. I use it for my phone, camera batteries, and laptop.