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I need a 3 season bag that stuffs...

I need a 3 season bag that stuffs small

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This is a synthetic bag and won't compress as small as a down bag. Search for a down bag, preferably 800 fill. If 800 fill is out of your price range, 600 is still great and more affordable.

For a 3 season bag, I recommend a 30 degree bag, unless you plan on some high altitude backpacking that may drop below freezing.

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This bag comes in a pretty good compression sack, you can squeeze it down pretty small. I've never had any trouble getting this into the sleeping bag compartment of my pack. As for the previous response, if you're anything like me I'd stick with a 15 degree bag. Im a cold sleeper and this bag keeps me comfy down to about 25 - 30 degrees much colder than that and I'm chilled. And, if you're sleeping in warmer temps mid summer its easy to un-zip and let a little air in. Good all around bag, especially for the price.