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I might....keyword interested...

I might....keyword interested in getting a pair of pow skis for college at CU Boulder next year. Keyword might. Should I go czars or rocker 2?

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What up Colin, tough call! Especially if you are thinking of the 170 or 180 Rocker2, since they are 115 underfoot and therefore close in size to the Czars. I would go with Czar if you want to save some money and like a traditional camber tail. Rocker2 if you want the latest release Salomon pow ski with rockered tip & tail. So far I've skied the Rocker2 in 192, 184, & 180 and loved them all.

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Hey Colin,

CU Boulder, huh? That's where I went and I'm glad to see you are already thinking about how much you're going to ski.

I own both of them and agree with Jamey that it is a tough choice. I love my Czars and used them as my daily ski...until the Rocker2 came out. With that being said, I was using the 190 Czar and a lot of people had trouble skiing it in conditions other than powder (groomers) I seemed to be the minority who was okay with it.

When the Rocker2 came out, it changed the game. For a ski with rockered tip and tail, it's edge hold on groomers far surpasses the Czar which would lead me to recommend the Rocker2

Enjoy Boulder homie, it's so much fun and keep us posted on what you end up choosing.


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haha thanks you guys, solid advice. and yea dude the skiing is definitely....I wanna say either reason #1 or #2 for me going out there... Anyways. yea i'm def gonna be skiing a lot. (hopefully all goes well). just a matter of if i'll have the money by then to shell out. but thanks yo, i'll letcha know!

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Yo Colin,
I go to CU (Senior next year) and I'm riding the Czars right now. They are a great play ski in the pow and for all mountain but have a little too much flex when the crud gets frozen. Don't know too much about the rocker 2 but I hear good things. Either way if you go with the Czar it will treat you well in any condition and is very easily maneuvered in the trees.