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I love the X-Mug but mine has developed a...

I love the X-Mug but mine has developed a small hole at one of the folds, so now it leaks. (No idea how it happened.) Any suggestions on how to repair it? Nothing seem to stick to the silicone. Or could it still be under warranty? There's no warranty info on the Sea to Summit website.

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You can try and contact Sea To Summit directly, or if you purchased from Back Country, they have a 100% return policy...

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Yeah, call STS @ 303-440-8977. Ask them to replace it under warranty, since it's lifetime. The fact that it developed a hole directly on one of the folds is easily a matter of making the argument that it was due to material failure. Or, as Dean said, if you bought it here, BC will replace it unconditionally as well, maybe even faster.

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Thanks for the info Phil & Dean. I'll see if the retailer I purchased it from (not BC as I didn't know about you guys then) will take it back under warranty. The failure may have been due a thin spot that was there since day one. I would buy one again though.