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I love my size 37 La Sportiva Mythos (I'm...

I love my size 37 La Sportiva Mythos (I'm street size 38) but looking for a slightly more aggressive shoe for indoor climbing. I have wide feet and was thinking about getting the Katana in size 37.5 or 37 like my Mythos. I haven't found the Katana in my local climbing gyms. They seem to carry the too-aggressive Mirua and the Mythos, but rarely the Katana. So I would be buying these without the chance to try them...something that I don't love doing. Would anyone advise upgrading to the Katana if my Mythos are still okay?

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Buying a second pair of shoes is always a good idea in my opinion. Having the right tool for the right job can help you develop as a climber. It may seem like a waste of money, but in the long run you're saving money by prolonging the life of both shoes. I'd just keep the Mythos for warming up and doing easier stuff and outdoor routes, and throw on the katanas for projects where precision is key.

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the mythos are great shoes and have a great history. they still perform fine and i know lots of older 5.10 sport and trad climbers in general that like them. however, you are correct the the katana will be noticeably more aggressive. i would say beat up the mythos in the gym and save the katanas for when it counts. maybe i'm in the minority, but i save my new shoes for climbing rock, not plastic.