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I just received these in the mail today,...

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I just received these in the mail today, and right out of the box, I love everything about them. One thing I would like to ask the community at large, though, is should I have gotten them a half size bigger (8.5) to accommodate hiking socks if I'm planning on doing some relatively distant hiking in these? I ordered an 8, and they fit splendidly, but I'm concerned there may not be ample room in the toe area for thicker socks to be bearable under more extreme hiking conditions.
Any body have any input on this? Keep 'em or return 'em for a half-size larger?

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Since there's a good amount of leather in the upper, they will stretch a quarter to a half size with time. I think you'll be fine.

Just in case, wear them around the house with thicker socks. If they fit correctly, but you have them cinched too tight, you will feel it across the top of your foot in the mid arch area. If you feel it on one, or both sides of the ball of your foot or your toes hit front, then they are too small. For me, if a shoe/boot is too small, I don't notice it until I've been wearing them a few hours. Obviously, don't wear them outside unless you're SURE you will be keeping them.

Hope this helps, good luck with them and enjoy!