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I just picked up one of these, but im torn...

I just picked up one of these, but im torn between bindings. I do mostly park and jibbing, but every so often ill hit up some back country powder. Should I get the union contacts or the forces?

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get the forces they will handle the backcountry but still be sweet in the park

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The Forces are more of a freestyle binding, while the Contacts are just more of an all around binding, basically dont have a set position on the mountain, i would go with the forces, they are just for freestyle, which basically means, all mountain freestyle, Park on Slope, u can shred it all :) Forces FTW! :)

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Dudes got it wrong. Forces are a great all round binding, they are more responsive and slightly "stiffer". Contacts are pure jib binders, they are very soft and forgiving, a perfect match for a horrorscope. You cant go wrong with either, if you are not used to s soft/damp binder, got with forces.