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I just got my wheel, put the cassette and...

I just got my wheel, put the cassette and brake on then realized it didn't have an axle I have a 2010 trek ex9. I had to pull the axel out and just slide it through so I could mount with the skewer. Is that right? When I talked to the guy last week he said it was the right wheel for the bike

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If you are talking about a through axle, that comes with the frame/fork. Through axle wheels do not come with that part, as it is different for different frames/forks. But as long as your wheel is setup for the correct standard for the frame (ex: 12x142) then it will work. If you are pulling a through axle out of the frame, and trying to mount the wheel with a QR, that is not correct, and you need different endcaps. If you don't know what I'm talking about, GO TO YOUR LOCAL BIKE SHOP!